Real Estate LawWe are here to give you information that will be useful in your quest for property and real estate.  A concentration on properties in vacation areas is our main focus, but we hope to have all types of featured subjects in our pages.  Since our beginnings in 2008 we have been providing real estate purchase and rental resources.

Vacation Property and Realty is a family owned real estate and property management company providing quality and exceptional information services to our clients both sellers and purchasers of homes and commercial facilities. From moderate prices properties to high end luxury homes we offer exceptional value at every turn.

For our homeowners, Vacation Property and Realty is a business that you’ll be able to select with confidence to offer you extraordinary property management services. Becoming part of our Real Estate Family is an excellent possibility to make sure that your vacation property is well-maintained and providing a steady income stream.

We provide services including Marketing and Promotion of your premises, Bookings and Charge, Monthly Owner Statements, Monthly Owner Payments, Sales Tax Returns, Guest Services, 24/7 Emergency Services, Housekeeping and Cleaning Services, Maintenance and Repair Services, Pest Control and Pool Care Services.

We will also be a source for recommending valuable services from Real Estate Agencies to Mortgage Broker Services.