Getting your Home Ready for Sale – Charleson Real Estate

Charleston Real EstateWhen preparing to sell your home, there are things that you need to do in order to ensure that prospective buyers find it worthy of an attractive offer. The following will help you ensure that your home will be prepared for a profitable and swift sale. For more helpful hints on getting your home Sold in Charleston SC and Charleston Real Estate visit our friends at

Ensure a Great First Impression

Your home may look great once someone walks inside, but no one will ever know that if the outside of your home is less than pleasant looking. Ensure that prospective buyers are enticed inside due to your manicured lawn and tidy appearance. Making sure that the lawn is mowed and the house has a fresh coat of paint, etc. can make the difference between a buyer showing interest and them passing your property by.

Sell Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will make or break your sale. Even if a buyer loves all other aspects of your home, one that is not neutral in color and in possession of modern appliances can cost you. Buyers will not completely abandon your home, but they will offer bids (on average) $10,000 less than your asking price. This will allow them the budget to renovate the kitchen, while preventing you from maximizing your earning potential.

Keep in Mind: It’s No Longer Home

While in the process of selling your house, it is no longer your home; it is now a showroom. Remove anything that make your house your home. Family pictures, personal mementos, etc. should be packed away. Prospective buyers need to be able to visualize themselves inside the house and not be reminded that it is currently under the residence of another.

Pen the Pets

Remove your animals from the sight of buyers as they are viewing your home. No one wants to think about what a pet has or has not done to the home. Also make sure than you clean any traces of pets from view as well.

Let the Sun Shine In

Open your curtains and blinds, use fresh bulbs to add light to every room. Light makes rooms appear inviting and larger. This optical allusion works in your favor, always.

Clean and De-clutter

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and leads to sales. NO ONE wants to try to visualize the amount of space or potential a room has while they are distracted by cobwebs, dust and clutter. Just as car dealers wash and detail cars before you arrive at the lot, you should clean your home and eliminate the clutter. You want buyers to feel that there is ample room for them, their families and their belongings; do NOT show them that you are having space issues by leaving areas cluttered.

Fix What is Broken…..on a Budget

It is important to show your home at its very best, but it is equally important to set a feasible budget to do so. Avoid the temptation to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. You will only recoup (in the most ideal scenario) 85% of your repair or remodeling costs through the sale of your home.